• Our Product Line

  • Loose Leaf Teas
  • Apricot Arabesque (Medium Flavored Tea)

    Based on a delicious black tea from China our Apricot Arabesque brews up sweet and smooth with an aroma that is unforgettable

  • Po-Lin Peach (Medium Flavored Tea)

    Po Lin Peach is reminiscent of a sweet, juicy peach picked at the end of summer, combined with the full flavor of a Chinese black tea.

  • Classic Oolong (Medium Oolong Tea)

    Traditionally an evening tea Classic Oolong leaves are barely exposed to the air before drying yielding a smooth amber-colored cup with a delicate fruit note in the finish.

  • Himalayan Strawberry (Medium Flavored Tea)

    Himalayan Strawberry brews a cup dark with the high-grown flavor of a China black tea tempered with the aroma and flavor of the sweet strawberries of summer.

  • Jasmine (Mild Scented Green Tea)

    Delicately scented with aromatic Jasmine flowers this tea is based on a healthy pouchong green tea. Enjoy this superlative jasmine-scented tea exactly as brewed without milk or sugar

  • Khan's Delight (Medium Herbal/Tisane Tea)

    Caffeine-free exhilarating tisane sparkles with tangy notes of hibiscus lemon grass mint and other herbs.

  • Madagascar Vanilla (Medium Flavored Tea)

    Generous pieces of vanilla beans garnish Madagascar Vanilla contributing to its memorable flavor and aroma.

  • Maharajah's Passion Fruit (Medium Flavored Tea)

    Lusciously flavored with a passion fruit essence its sweet juicy flavor satisfes a desire for great taste.

  • Mandarin Cinnamon (Medium Flavored Tea)

    Combined with a subtle citrus orange flavor the pungent?yet sweet?flavor of our Mandarin Cinnamon perfectly accents the full-bodied richness of the China base tea.

  • Organic Green Tea W/ Mint (Medium Blended Green Tea)

    Traditional Moroccan blend of fine green tea blended with aromatic and sweet peppermint.

  • Tibetan Raspberry (Medium Flavored Tea)

    Highlighted with real raspberry leaves for additional color and flavor Tibetan Raspberry tea is a rare treat from the Secret Garden.

  • Tropical Breeze (Medium Flavored Tea)

    Refreshing island kiwi and strawberry flavors are splashed over a smooth and flavorful black tea then garnished with colorful flower petals