What our customers are saying...
"My favorite things about CGS is the staff so friendly always welcoming me by my name. They always have beautiful seasonal items. Christmas is my favorite. I have been coming to this store for 25 years and hope to come for 25 more years!" Patra M.
"The people who work here are so kind and helpful! I come here often as the atmosphere is comforting warm & inviting. This is my go-to spot after many days that have been trying." Sue Ellen S.
"When I enter the store it has a warm welcoming feeling. For me it is like food for the eyes. I love to look from floor to ceiling." Joan F.
"My favorite things about CGS is the variety the homeyness the friendly service free gift wrap and cards. I always find great gifts that go over big... brings smiles and joy." Sherry H.
"CGS captures the warm and delightful charm of a country home." Carole G.
"So many fun things to look at. Friendly staff. Great place to shop." Johnnie L.
"So many unique things. Gives you a warm feeling." Linda Y.
"I love the displays and diversity of the items. It just feels good." Eileen Y.
"I love the warmth and friendliness. Plus there are lots of interesting goodies to look at. Excellent coffee!" Sharon H.
"I love the feeling of comfort & home that I get as soon as I walk in." Lydia S.
"As soon as you step into the store it makes you feel at home. A lot of things here remind of when I was a child." Erin Z.
"The atmosphere is fantastic! And it always smells awesome!" Brianna R.
"CGS is a community store which I have shopped for many years. It is a warm friendly environment and the staff always has a smile." Rose K.